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1. In which organization life cycle stage it is essential to shift from survival & growth strategies to more strategic goals


2. In project management framework, the most exhaustive is



3. Which of the following is the least likely consideration when deciding on an organizational structure.


4. HR Practices should focus to balance expectations of all stakeholders (shareholder, Employees & customers) is excerpt of


5. The economy has been in a recession for the last six months, and market analysts are still very uncertain about the timing of a potential turnaround. An organization is in a market niche that has been severely impacted by the change in economy.


6. The individual focused on post training evaluation wants to use the best training evaluation method efficiently and effectively. The focus is on measuring reactions, which of the following you will recommend for use:


7. Which of the following exercise will facilitate an organization to put in place selection processes that are reliable and valid, and also assist then in compliance of all employment related laws?


8. If in the financial sector of an organization, the buying power of consumers is on the decline and the economy as a whole is getting tougher to compete then which of the following impact it will have on HR


9. Transfer of Training is the highest because of


10. The most criticized performance appraisal method which has also been used with an extent of success is


11. One potential candidate after his interview has been rated as average (first rater’s rating) and above average (second rater’s rating) respectively, hence we can conclude that interview as a selection tool does not suffice the test of


12. Members of the job evaluation committee should be chosen from


13. Human Resources Professional in company X are comparing their compensation with HR Professionals in company Z, this is an example of:


14. Jobs that are overpaid and fall significantly above the wage curve are known as


15. The key criteria for determining whether an employee is an exempt or non exempt is


16. An elected union is responsible to represent


17. Which of the following is the most effective method for maintaining non union status


18. Picketing


19. The contract which was used by employers to restrain workers from joining union during their employment period was


20. Which of the following may be highly subject to ‘’implied contracts’’ if not properly written


21. Secondary boycotts by unions were declared illegal by which of the following act


22. Which of the following has the third priority for inspection


23. Is the statement True or False: Under no circumstances an organization can implement an standard other than OSHA


24. As per law, employers are entitled to record and monitor employee’s calls under which of the following circumstances


25. Drug testing is comparatively easier to exercise in